Thank you for visiting! My name is Matthew Michelotti, and I am a professional software engineer and a hobbyist game developer. The games and libraries on this website are something that I created in my spare time. There are a number of other projects I would like to work on given enough time. I would like to port a couple of my old games, Weaponless and Piggy Bricks, so that they are easily playable through a web browser, possibly making them open source like I did with Chirperjax. I want to make improvements to my open source libraries Gate and Collider. I plan to write helpful blog posts on coding, music, design, etc. As a more distant dream, I have thoughts of creating a couple of commercial games and an educational tool. If you enjoy my work and want to support me in these endeavors, please consider making a donation via PayPal. Even one dollar donations are appreciated. Thank you!